Simulation of Two-Way Communication Retrial Queuing Systems With Non-reliable Server, Impatient Customers to the Orbit and Blocking

Ádám Tóth, János Sztrik
The goal of this paper is to carry out a sensitivity analysis to examine the effect of different distributions of service time when blocking is applied with the help of retrial queueing systems having the property of two-way communication. This eventuates in outgoing calls (secondary customers) which are performed by the service unit after a random time in its idle state. Primary customers arrive from the finite-source according to an exponential distribution. This model does not contain queues so the service of an incoming request starts immediately if the server is functional and in an idle state. Impatience of the customers and server failures are characterized by this system which also follows an exponential distribution. The novelty of the investigation is to illustrate the effect of blocking with several figures obtained by simulation using various distributions of service time on the desired performance measures.