Enhancing the Resource Sharing Capabilities of a Network by Deploying Network Slicing Procedure

Sergey Stepanov, Mikhail Stepanov, Umer Andrabi, Dmitriy Petrov, Juvent Ndayikunda
An analytical framework for modeling resource allocation procedures for transmission of multiservice traffic is constructed and analyzed. The model consists of arbitrary number of traffic streams created by variety of real time applications. All random variables used in the model have exponential distribution with corresponding mean values. Two scenarios of resource sharing by coming traffic streams are considered: Network Slicing when resources are strictly divided among coming traffic streams, and Filtering, when the access to resource is restricted depending on the amount of resource occupied by all traffic streams. It is shown how to use both scenarios for creation of conditions for differentiated servicing of heterogeneous traffic. Numerical assessment shows that scenario based on filtering is more efficient for solving the formulated task than analogous scenario based on slicing.