OpenFlow-based software-defined networking queue model

Marina Buranova, Vyacheslav Kartashevskiy
SDN imposes requirements on manufacturers of infocommunication equipment to support new scenarios for working with network applications. This leads to the need to analyze the features of SDN networks, assess their performance both at the design stage and in the process of operation. In this work, analytical expressions are obtained to estimate the average values of packet delay times in M/G/1 and G/G/1 systems for SDN. To approximate arbitrary densities in the G/G/1 system, an approach based on the use of hyperexponential distributions was used. When analyzing the G/G/1 system, it is assumed that there are no correlations within the sequences of time intervals between packets and packet processing times. The paper presents the result of comparing the estimates of the average values of the packet delay time in the M/G/1 and G/G/1 systems, which simulated the SDN operation.