An efficient cluster routing protocol for vehicular ad-hoc network using bio-metaheuristic algorithm

Амани Саббаг, Максим Щербаков
In this paper, we propose a novel hybrid K-MCSA protocol that combines the features of k-means clustering algorithm and cuckoo search algorithm to establish an efficient, reliable and stable route between the source and destination vehicular nodes in VANET network. In our proposed protocol, k-means clustering and cuckoo search algorithm are used to identify an optimal route among known routes. Further, three weight parameters are used along with the modified cuckoo search algorithm as a fitness function to ensure a stable and reliable route. The simulation is carried out in simulator NS-3 and it demonstrates that the proposed hybrid K-MCSA protocol significantly improves the packet delivery ratio, average delay, packet loss ratio, overhead and throughput while compared to popular routing protocol AODV.