Development of Radio Admission Scheme Model for 5G Network Slicing Framework as a Retrial Queue

Faina Moskaleva, Ekaterina Lisovskaya, Lyubov Lapshenkova, Sergey Shorgin, Yuliya Gaidamaka
To improve the efficiency of using network resources, fifth-generation 5G networks propose to use the technology of network slicing. This feature consists of creating multiple logical, self-contained networks on top of a common shared physical infrastructure, and, therefore, it can be used to support multi-tenancy on the 5G network. Each of these logical networks is referred to as a network slice and can be tailored to provide a particular system behavior to best support specific service/application domains. This work is devoted to the development of a mathematical model of resource allocation in network slicing. Using the first-order asymptotic analysis method, we will find basic numerical and probabilistic characteristics.