Identification of narrowband wireless communication networks systems and Internet of Things devices using Blockchain technology

Albina Pomogalova, Dmitriy Sazonov, Evgeny Donskov, Alexey Borodin, Ruslan Kirichek
The paper explores the possibility of interaction between the Handle System identification system and the blockchain network in order to optimize the operation of the identification system. The work covered the organization of the blockchain network, the architecture of the model stand developed, as well as a number of studies reflecting the results of the interaction of the identification system with the blockchain network in terms of the time of creation of an entity in LHS and the record thereof in the blockchain network, as well as the time of response of the blockchain network in case of query of data from it. As part of this work, the blockchain network acts as a tool to log all the changes of the identification system in order to prevent counterfeiting and substitution of the identification data of devices and sensors of the Internet of Things.